When you Volunteer with us you shape your child’s future by empowering him or her and showing them that anything and
everything in life is possible.  

 Sponsorship Programs
Create a personal connection with your loved one. Sponsorship changes lives – for $5/$10 or $20 / month.
What We Do
* We partner up with families, friends, sober houses, detox centers, volunteers and more. We have a street outreach program that works with people struggling with substance use disorder on the streets that are facing the most difficult situations and we not only offer them food, water and hygiene kits, but we are ARMED with Resources for on the spot assistance. 
* Sponsorship is $5/$10 or $20/month which allows us to purchase what’s needed for our street delivery’s twice per month, scholarship people to solution based sober homes and or identify need and provide solutions.

What Your Sponsorship Can Provide for the Individuals which are mostly Youth
* More frequent food, water and hygiene kits for our deliveries
* Helping to get people from homeless to a home – we work many places that will give us deals and we follow up with everyone placed
* Treatment centers that cost money
* Rides and (T) passes
* Shoes and clothing
* Bedding such as sheets, blanket and pillows
* Bed, furniture
* Anything else that maybe needed

In exchange for your help, we will send you monthly or bi-monthly updates on the support you’re providing the individual with, and photos and letters from the individual. We will have you send us a photo with a description of your loved one with any message or advice you would like to give so the person that you will be sponsoring knows a little background and that he or she will know that someone has sponsored them and that they are loved. You’ll have the opportunity to come down and meet the person or persons, and send letters if desired.


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